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Here's a selection of lunch boxes, thermoses & drink bottles, and accessories that are perfect for taking to school.
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Plain Metal Lunch Box Nalgene Grip n Gulp Bottle Go Green Bento Lunchbox
Plain Metal Lunch Box
Our Price: $9.95
Kids Grip-N-Gulp Bottle
Our Price: $7.95
Go Green Bento Lunchbox
Our Price: $19.95
Great for promotions, advertising, and any other special events. Grip 'n Gulp is tough enough to survive being thrown from a moving minivan, spill proof enough to compel parents to blame the rug stains on the dog. Whether you're looking for fun variety, portion control, or an all-in-one lunch box with a drink container, then this bento-style lunch carrying system is perfect for you.
Minnie Mouse Metal Lunchbox My Little Pony - Three Ponies - Lunchbox Little Mermaid - Ariel - Lunchbox
Makes a great gift for Disney and Minnie Mouse fans! Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle are featured on this cute retro-style lunchbox. Ariel's beauty is like a's forever!
Alice in Wonderland Lunch Box Smurfette Insulated Lunchbox
It's Mickey Mouse from the 1920s Steamboat Willie era!
This beautiful Disney Alice in Wonderland lunch box is embossed like vintage models. This insulated lunch box is absolutely Smurfy!
Scooby Doo - Mystery Machine - Lunch Box Plain Insulated Lunch Box Double Decker Lunch Box
Plain Insulated Lunch Box
Our Price: $14.95
Double Decker Lunch Box
Our Price: $27.95
Drive your lunch to school in the Mystery Machine! This cool lunch box Our Plain Insulated Lunch Box is of sturdy fabric construction. Double the deliciousness of lunchtime with our Double Decker Lunch Box.
Cupcakes Insulated Lunch Box Hardliner Lunch Box Rosie the Riveter Lunch Box
Hardliner Lunch Box
Our Price: $12.95
If you're a fan of chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet, then you'll like our Cupcake lunchbox. This soft-insulated lunchbox features an interior hard plastic liner that can be removed and washed! This metal lunch box  shows the We Can Do It poster artwork of Rosie the Riveter.
Go Green Bento Lunchbox System PackIt Personal Cooler Lunch Bag Hardliner Lunch Box - Purple
Hardliner Lunch Box - Purple
Our Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $7.95
Savings: $5.00
Whether you're looking for fun variety, portion control, or an  all-in-one lunch box with a drink container, then this cool bento-style  lunch carrying system is perfect for you. PackIt is the freezable personal cooler that keeps your contents colder, longer.  It is the perfect size for school, work, or taking to the playground. This soft-insulated lunchbox features an interior hard plastic liner that can be removed and washed!
Dabbawalla Insulated Lunch Bag Girl Pony Lunch Box Tractor Lunch Box
My Tractor Lunch Box
Our Price: $14.95
These lunch bags look cool, can accommodate a lot of lunch, and are easy to clean. Beautiful lunch box shows a very pretty pony with a pink flower in her hair. Cool insulated lunch box shows a green tractor in a corn field.
Ballet Slippers Lunchbox Sharks Insulated Lunch Box Girl Monkey Lunch Box
Ballet Slippers Lunch Box
Our Price: $14.95
Shark Insulated Lunchbox
Our Price: $14.95
Girl Monkey Lunchbox
Our Price: $14.95
Our pretty Ballet Slippers insulated lunchbox is perfect for your little ballerina. Our insulated Shark unchbox shows a fierce looking (but probably very friendly) shark. This lunchbox features one super cute girl monkey!
Hello Kitty Insulated Lunchbox SpongeBob Squarepants Lunch Sack Yellow Daisies Lunchbox
Yellow Daisies Lunchbox
Our Price: $12.95
For over 30 years, Hello Kitty has been one of the most irresistibly cute, girly, and - let's face it - fashionable styles in pop culture. The Little Square Dude - SpongeBob - returns on this insulated lunch bag. Just like the beautiful daisy flower, this lunch box also shows a myriad of colors.
English Horseback Riding Lunchbox Big Dots - Aqua - Lunchbox Hello Kitty Insulated Lunch Bag
This great insulated lunch box is perfect for any girl who loves the beauty and grace of English equestrian horseback riding. This Big Dots Aqua insulated lunch box features stylishly-symmetrical, electrifying aqua dots This pretty pink insulated lunch sack is perfect for anyone who likes Hello Kitty and Sanrio.
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